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The Quickest Way to Get Over Any Fear

If you’ve watched my video on making the most of your modalities and you’d like to learn how to use this knowledge to get over your worst fear, you’ve come to the right place.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, here it is below. In it, I explain how understanding your representational systems can not only increase your happiness, but also decrease any negative emotions you wish to overcome. Watched the video, then read the rest of this article to discover how to harness the power of modalities to eradicate your fears.

I also have a video that addresses fears head on. Here it is below:

The process is very simple, but in order to understand it, you need to be familiar with what modalities and their babies – submodalities – actually are.

Modalities are also called representational systems, because they are what your five senses are called when your brain uses them to represent your experiences. Submodalities are the details that characterize each modality in these representations. Say you heard the word “tree” and you immediately saw a vivid picture of a massive bright green tree in your mind. The modality you used to represent the word “tree” was visual, because you saw an image in your head. The submodalities you used to further explain the tree were size (the tree you imagined was massive), brightness (the tree was bright) and colour (you did not see the tree in black and white).

If you’d like to see a thorough list of all the possible submodalities you could use to represent an experience, click here. Use the instructions in that article to identify your lead modality and preferred submodalities. Once you’re familiar with them, come back to complete this process and overcome your chosen fear.

Step 1:

Think of your fear and make note of how it shows up in your mind. Do you see a picture? Hear a voice? Perhaps you feel your body temperature change. Whatever you see, hear or feel, make note of which sense is being used. If it’s more than one, try to notice which one creates the most intense emotions in your body.

Step 2:

Notice which submodalities are being used. Is the picture colourful or black and white? Is the noise loud or soft? Does the temperature feel warm or cold? Which one makes you feel the worst?

Step 3:

Now imagine what it would be like, if you did not experience that fear. What would it look/sound/feel like, if you were completely unafraid? Again, notice as many little details about the experience as possible.

Step 4:

Notice which submodalities create the most positive emotional response for you. How do they differ from the submodalities that created negative emotional responses in step 2?

Step 5:

Change the submodalities you experienced during the recreation of your frightening experience, so that they become the submodalities you experienced in step 4. For example, perhaps your scary experience involved a dark black and white image that moved super quick and flashed from high to low contrast. And maybe your pleasant experience involved a bright image with soft pastel colours that floated across your line of vision slowly and tranquilly. So you could reimagine your fear, only this time you would picture it moving slowly and having soft colours. I know it sounds too easy, like it’s too good to be true, but give it a shot, before you give up. For decades, people have been using this method to overcome their fear of anything, from spiders to public speaking.


Try out this tip and if you’re still afraid, ask me for help in the comments, send me a message, or book a FREE breakthrough session and I’ll help you through Skype.

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Until next time, remember: Happiness doesn’t require energy. It requires Strategy.

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