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Create Your Own Happy and Authentic Community!

Group Sessions can help you:

  • Learn about the different ways you might be sabotaging your own goals
  • Realize that you are not the only one going through these challenges 
  • Discover meaningful methods of change with no pressure to talk about things that make you uncomfortable
  • Become a happier, more authentic version of yourself in a safe and supportive environment

What do Group Sessions offer that Individual Sessions do not?

  • Create a tight-knit community focused on supporting one another
  • Bond over common challenges 
  • Benefit from the group's collective experience and wealth of knowledge
  • If you don't feel like sharing, just focus on listening. There is still much to gain from hearing someone else out.
  • Save money! The more people involved, the cheaper the price per person becomes.

If you think you'd benefit from experiencing Happiness Strategy for yourself, but don't feel ready to book an Individual Session just yet, group sessions can help you get the best of both worlds.

How It Works:

  • If you're interested in starting a Group Session with your family, friends or co-workers, please select the "Private Group Session - Consultation" option when booking. 
  • When you create your own Happiness Strategy group, you get an additional 10% off the original price for each person you bring. For example, if you bring 9 other people to participate in the same session as you, you’ll receive a 90% discount, and each person you bring will get a 50% discount of their own! 
  • The maximum group size is 10 people (including you).

Take your life to the next level and discover your own authentic source of happiness!